A mission I believe in

We strive to be the place where hackers come together and share what they're building to get recognition, to learn and get inspired.

That's an exciting goal, wouldn't you agree? And you can help us reach it.

How are we going about achieving our mission?

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The Feed lets you follow your favorite hackers and those you just met at the last hackathon, and see what they're building.

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Portfolios showcase your personal and professional projects, highlight your skills, and illustrate how you've grown as a developer.

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Our Hackathon platform powers most of the biggest hackathons on the planet, including MHacks, PennApps, Oculus' Mobile VR Jam and the Uber Hackathon.

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A typical day at the office

10:30 is late enough to make 90% of your friends jealous. And at the end of the day, isn't that what matters?

Every day the engineering team starts with stand-up. We each talk about what we're working on, ask for help, and discuss what's coming up next with the Product Team and our CEO.

Trello is an integral part of our workflow.

Ready [5]

Morning coffee

In Progress [5]

[S] User sees a feed activity when a user they follow comments on an update

Review [3]

[S] improve logic around displaying updates in the feed


[XL] Take over the world

Chelsea 80a6201a6811451a83bd84c2ea583a0688a5825abd06b7dffdd55a52dcc4501d Hungry? Me too. Let's head out to Chelsea Market. Or the Gansevoort Market. Or anywhere really. You can't go wrong in the Meatpacking District.
Except the Sugar Factory. Just trust me on this one.

Time to get some good work done on your own, or by pairing with a teammate.
You might want to turn off your Slack notifications, #random gets a little gif-happy after lunch.

Watch this awesome little interview of @mgerrior talking about pair programming with @nealrs.

Thursday afternoons are special. We call them Dev Thursdays and they're our take on Google's fabled 20% time. Take a crazy idea you're passionate about, build a prototype, and iterate on it.
Several Dev Thursday projects made it to production, like the Devpost Search, the :emoji: support or an unofficial Devpost API!

Chocolate-covered almond break!
Little known fact: chocolate makes you twice as productive. Tmyk 777b9756fe468e718444138a3f8a68c4b2e900a0f472391b2b9d0eec113654f5

Almonds 83223b4ffd9a5d57625274b8dd23958fd3cca1da2a94151167951bf67aa2003b

Power down. Get up. Go play with your dog. We'll see you tomorrow!

That being said, we often get passionate about what we're working on, and I'll probably be working alongside you if you decide to stay late.


Build for your community

Working at Devpost is working for you own community, the hacker community.

It means that you understand the people you're working for. Your opinions and ideas matter. Your input will be welcome on every feature you build.

I don't know about you, but I love that.

We already have an active and growing community of hackers, but we won't be satisfied until every developer is excited to share on Devpost what they're building.

500k+ hackers
32k software projects
278 online hackathons
688 in-person hackathons

The office

I could tell you about the office, or I could show you.

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Ha, I tricked you. I'm going to tell you about it anyway.

1. It's colorful, full of light and good people, and super well located (A/C/E/L/2/3).

2. We have a well-stocked kitchen. We order at Fresh Direct every week. Pining for something you love, like idk, Nutella? Just ask @stefgreat and we'll have it next week.
Just kidding, we always have Nutella. Who do you think we are?

3. We have a ping-pong table for the sporty hacker you are (and to burn off all those chocolate-covered almonds you ate). And if you're really good, you're hired, no questions asked.
Maybe I shouldn't have said that, let me ask around.
Apparently, you also need to be handy with Rails :)

4. Also, beers! Or tea, fancy coffee, seltzer, grapefruit juice...

Beer ef5a67ce7f69f54e3aa0c0b422cd43e065e2376d4b634fc36ebe6b45dce45a29

Come work with me

At this point, you should be like "I want to go to there"!
Great! Take a look at our open positions:

By the way, we pay well, we have great insurance, and you can take time off whenever you want.
And that's just for starters.